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AQWorlds: Original Soundtrack By One-Eyed Doll [CD]

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"...something about a Dragon?"

The band One-Eyed Doll created this CD for our gaming community. Featuring 11 of their most popular songs which appeared in our games special events -- including the new Mogloween "haunted insane asylum" release.

Cover art by Dage the Evil & Diozz

Track List

  • Mirror Mirror
  • You're a Vampire
  • Girl on Convict Hill
  • Brief Candle
  • Ponies (and ponies and ponies and ponies)
  • Scorpion Death
  • Break
  • Sally
  • Destiny
  • Ponies ("Spiky" or "Dark carnival" version)

Exclusive In-Game Items

AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Metal Sneevil (pet)


  • One-Eyed Axes


  • Headphones Helm

AdventureQuest (Classic)

  • TromBones


  • Space TromBones


Signed versions available with OneyEyedDoll, Artix, Cysero, DageTheEvil, and DiozzAQW autographs!



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