About Heromart

HeroMart Makes Unique Products

HeroMart is the official store for Artix Entertainment, the video game studio that creates the best MMOs and RPGs! As you explore HeroMart, will find a treasure chest of new, experimental, and limited-quantity items to aid you in your real-life adventures, everything from T-Shirts to Toys & Games to tremendous Posters. All our items come equipped with a +50 Coolness Buff and exclusive in-game items to use inside your favorite Artix Entertainment games. 

HeroMart Thrives Thanks to Your Support

Because of your continued support for all things heroic, HeroMart is able to provide the best Gamer Gear for the real world. As you probably already know, you and your friends help support every Artix game from your Membership Upgrades and Microcurrency bundles. HeroMart would be nothing more than packing peanuts and a cardboard box without your heroic purchases, and for that, we thank you SO MUCH for supporting HeroMart!

Created by the friendly Artix Entertainment Team!

All of the items found in this store were drawn, written, sung/played, filmed, crafted, designed or produced by Artix & the friendly Artix Entertainment team! We pack the boxes and ship them directly from our base here at secret underground lab (In Land O' Lakes, FL, USA.... no... this is not where they make the butter.) Thank you for checking this out! We put 110% into everything we create for you.

(What? Are you saying that your Secret Underground Lab doesn't have windows?) 


HeroMart Philosophy

Everything should be made fun. We avoid acting super serious, and we are seriously super at creating the best products for you, making you super happy in the process. Seriously! If you ever have a problem, just let us know and we will fix it right away for you.