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DragonSlayer Armor - Sublimated T-Shirt

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Galanoth The DragonSlayer

" Founder and Current leader of the Order of Dragonslayers"


Legacy of the Sublimated Armor:

 At a young age, Galanoth's parents were killed in the destruction of his home village by the dragon Akriloth. Since then, he has dedicated his life to training in the art of dragon slaying, fueled by his desire to exact revenge on the beast who ripped his family away. He dedicates his time to waging war against various dragons around the land and teaching adventurers the way of the Dragonslayer. You are a loyal follower.


(Digital Reward) Exclusive In-Game Items for multiple games!

Character page badge and Real Life DragonSlayer Title for AdventureQuest 3D

BRUTAL DRAGONSLAYER BLADEepiclarge.png A barbaric, spiked weapon crafted from Dragonfire-hardened steel and dragon bone for AdventureQuest 3D

SUBLIMATED DRAGONSLAYER DRAGON SWORD epiclarge.png in AdventureQuest Worlds


SUBLIMATED DRAGONSLAYER ARMOR epiclarge.png and character page badge in AdventureQuest Worlds


(Digital Reward) Exclusive Combo In-game Item details: 


UNLOCK "DragonSlaying Sword & DragonSlaying Gunslinger Armor epiclarge.png in AdventureQuest Worlds"

BY COLLECTING BOTH DraggonSlayer Amor & BiountyHunter Armor - Sublimated T-Shirt

DragonSlaying Gunslinger Sword epiclarge.png in AdventureQuest Worlds

(Only unlocks with a combo)



DragonSlaying Gunslinger Armor epiclarge.png in AdventureQuest Worlds

(Only unlocks with a combo)

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