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Legion Pledge Scroll - Collector's Print

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12" x 18" Collector's Edition Legion Pledge Scroll

 To Join the Undead Legion!

The pledge that every willing soul takes to join the Undead Legion. It will follow you for the rest of your unliving existence.

Text on Scroll "I accept the darkness and shed my mortal coil. I reforge my soul as an eternal weapon of the Undead Legion. I make this pledge and receive the infused power of my master, Dage, for the length of eternity"


 Seasonal Rares! What they are, and why should I care?

Seasonal Rares in-game and RL Items that are released during one of our in-game holiday celebrations, but after the celebration is over, you will have to wait until next year's holiday celebration to get the item again. #SeasonalRare




(Digital Reward) Exclusive In-Game Items for multiple games!

Legion Pledge Scroll (AQ3D Cape)

Legion Pledge Scroll Cape, Worthy Soul Title and character page badge for AdventureQuest 3D


Legion Pledge Scroll (AQW Cape)

Legion Pledge Scroll and character page badge in AdventureQuest Worlds 


Collector's Print details:

 Just like you support us we support our community. All Artix Entertainment prints and posters are printed by locally owned businesses in our effort to bring you the best quality and build a stronger community. 


  • 12x18" Collector's Print
  • An authorized, digital signature
  • 100lb premium gloss cover paper


   Note: Artist Proofs are carefully approved by one of the Artix Entertainment artists and act as a guide to make sure that the result would be as close as possible to how the artist wanted the final art to turn out.


Artist Proofs details:

   20 Artist Proofs signed by Dage the Evil will be randomly added to give a chance for a few lucky Rare Hunters to get their hands on them.


  • 20 Artist Proofs - AP 1/20 through AP 20/20


About the Artist:

Dage the Evil

   Dage The Evil is a Florida based self-taught artist. The first time, Dage picked up a pencil he knew that he had the passion for art. All throughout school, he doodled on every piece of paper he could get his hands on Homework, essays, test...all of it influenced by the video games he played.

   They helped him understand what it took to create art for a game, and what exactly game designers want to see. He had a limitless drive to create and knew that producing art for video games would give him the opportunity to live his dream doing something he loves for the rest of his life. Though he hasn't had official training Dage finds almost everything around him inspirational, and it all makes it into his work for Artix Entertainment.


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