Panda Hoodie


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Keep your cool in the warm Panda Hoodie

Everyone knows that pandas are skilled Kung Fu masters. And when you get your paws on the Panda Hoodie, you’ll unleash pure pandamonium upon the world! No pandas were harmed in the making of this hoodie… although we can’t say the same for fabric softener teddy bears…

Exclusive In-Game Items

 AdventureQuest Worlds

Shadow Panda Shop
Worn Pandy Hood (Armor)
Pandy Hood (Armor)
Panda Face (Helm)
Pandy Hood Locks
Pandy Hood

Shadow Panda
(Pet, legend-only bonus)


"Click on this helm to activate the SnugglePanda armor! This is the helm and armor worn by warriors of noms everywhere."


Pandah head weapon

No one can resist the Panda Hoodie. It’s impawsible!

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