Zorbak Ugly Sweater T-Shirt


$ 19.99 


Fashionably late for the Christmas party!

From Cysero's imagination on to your Shirt! This year Zorbak wanted to join you for Christmas and spread joy, cheer, chaos, mischief ......and over all trouble making. But after making a list of all the parties he decided to bring you his own Christmas swag instead!  The Christmas might be near, but the winter season is still in full swing. Next time your parents tell you to put on your sweater to go outside, you will be able to reply with (I HAVE MY ZORBAK UGLY SWEATER....cough..t.shirt...cough ON. )  Show your devious side and make Zorbak proud by getting this LIMITED RUN T-Shirt! IT Also comes with a Christmas Zorbak Pet to accompany you on your devious adventures.


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