Throne of Darkness Vaden Collector's Print


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Throne of Darkness Vaden Collector's Print

12" x 16" Collector's Edition Print.


Deathknight of the bone castle.

Vaden was just like the Hero when he entered the Castle of Bone who walked down the same Hall of the Fallen filled with the death knights that ruled the castle before him. He does not know that when he fought and defeated the DeathKnight Lord, he would take on their terrible curse... And so, he became the new DeathKnight Lord of the castle and for this reason, he was also "trapped" in the castle. He owns a cursed gauntlet which came from a Grimskull dungeon that has the power to turn any slain heroes into an undead minion of Vaden for eternity. He later revealed that the Castle of Bone never stops growing, anything and anyone who dies in the castle becomes a part of it but the process of taking over every single room will take some time. At the end of his story, he told the Council that he was defeated by the Hero and half his right arm had to be amputated in order for the Hero to save him from the "curse" of the castle.

One HeroPoint Included.

(Redeemable in AdventureQuest Worlds, Dragon Fable, and equivalent to Arcade Tokens in EpicDuel)


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How to find traveling merchant Stryche in DragonFable.

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  • If you want to take the long way, visit Falconreach, from main square, you head down, then left to find Stryche.
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