Throne of Darkness Scarletta Collector's Print


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Throne of Darkness Scarletta Collector's Print

12" x 16" Collector's Edition Print.


Tower of Mirrors.

Queen Scarletta Tryall currently known as Groglurk and was the queen in the Mirror Realm for 979 years. She resides in the Tower of Mirrors now known as Bludrut Keep. She is also a leading expert on ancient artifacts and enchanted objects. She was the most beautiful queen in the entire world before as when she was young, heroes would do anything to rescue her. She knew it as she used to let monsters catch her. Kings fought wars over her. Knight betrayed their Kings over her. But that wasn't so long as time passed when she saw her beauty starting to fade, she sought out a powerful Unseelie Fae called The Glassbinder. She made a deal with her. The Glassbinder would give Scarletta power over mirrors, and glass. And once a year, Scarletta would pay tribute to the Glassbinder by collecting beautiful youths... and trapping them inside mirrors. For as long as she did this, the Glassbinder's contract would keep her young and beautiful.

One HeroPoint Included.

(Redeemable in AdventureQuest Worlds, Dragon Fable, and equivalent to Arcade Tokens in EpicDuel)


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How to find Stryche's new store in AQWorlds.

  • /join heromart
  • Talk to Stryche to learn all about HeroMart and its merch
  • Browse the store to see his big-ticket items and their in-game rewards
  • Click on items that interest you to get more information or go straight to HeroMart to buy them

How to find traveling merchant Stryche in DragonFable.

  • Open the Book of Lore (HeroMart Botton) will take you directly  to Stryche's shop.
  • If you want to take the long way, visit Falconreach, from main square, you head down, then left to find Stryche.
  • Talk to Stryche to get more information or go straight to HeroMart to buy RL merchandise

Redeem Arcade Tokens in EpicDuel.

The Arcade is a mini game where players have the chance to win prizes by playing  at any ArcadeBot.

  • Redeem HeroPoints for an equivalent amount of ArcadeTokens.
  • When you are at an ArcadeBot, you can decide which  games you would like to play.
  • Each game has its own leaderboard that displays the top 10 players with the highest scores.
  • There are three categories of prizes in each game, bronze, silver and gold.

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