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The Slayer vs The Harbinger - Collector's Print

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The Slayer vs Dravax the Harbinger

"The EpicDuel Encounter"


About this Art Print:

18" x 12" The Slayer vs The Harbinger Collector's Print

Dravax the Harbinger

  Today, the Barrens are a haven for criminals, outcasts, and daring adventurers. The Legion has no interest in reclaiming this area as it is tapped of all resources, and the once mighty turrets rest silently, many still pointed skyward as dormant sentinels. However, a mysterious being calling itself Dravax has appeared just outside the devastated turret field heralding the coming of its master and seeking the being known as Char. It's message is simple: obey and receive mercy or resist and be destroyed.


(Digital Reward) Exclusive In-Game Items for Multiple Games!

Slayer/Harbinger Weapons and character page badge in 
AdventureQuest Worlds

Harbinger Battlegear P & E Swords, "Poster" Home Item and Slayer Vs Harbinger Achievement in EpicDuel


Collector's Print details:

 Just like you support us we support our community. All Artix Entertainment prints and posters are printed by locally owned businesses in our effort to bring you the best quality and build a stronger community. 


  • 12x18" Collector's Print
  • An authorized, digital signature
  • 100lb premium gloss cover paper


   Note: Artist Proofs are carefully approved by one of the Artix Entertainment artists and act as a guide to make sure that the result would be as close as possible to how the artist wanted the final art to turn out.


Artist Proofs details:

   20 Artist Proofs signed by Thyton will be randomly added to give a chance for a few lucky Rare Hunters to get their hands on them.


  • 20 Artist Proofs - AP 1/20 through AP 20/20

About the Artists:

Charfade and Nightwraith


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