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Paladin & Legion Armor T-Shirt
Paladin & Legion Armor T-Shirt
Paladin & Legion Armor T-Shirt
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Paladin & Legion Armor T-Shirt

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Hiya guys! You are going to be so proud of us. We found the best t-shirt and the best company to create these amazing wrap-around armor T-shirts. They really care and take pride in the creative process, and it really shows. It will cost us a little more, but you guys are worth it!  

You can still get these amazing wrap-around T-shirts with this special order.The process to create them is complicated and pretty expensive so we cannot just order a bunch of them like we usually do.  So, it will take extra 1 to 2 business weeks to receive your item.


PRODUCTION: This is a special order 

SHIPPING: As soon as we get the shirts in stock, we will process the orders in the order they were received. Processing takes 2-4 business days and then your order will be on its way to you!



Flaming Legion Paladin CLASS

  • Flaming Legion Paladin Armor
  • 6 Legion Paladin Helms
  • Flaming Legion Paladin Helm 
  • Undead Legion Paladin 
  • Legion Paladin Crest 
  • Shadowed Crest Helm 
  • Undead Paladin Horns 
  • Shadowed Horns Helm 



    • Purified Caladbolg Sword
      The order of Paladins took one of (if not THE MOST) evil swords in the world and purified it. It is not a force of good to be used against the evil undead.

    • Legion Light of Destiny Axe
      The Legion managed to corrupt that which is incorruptible!

    • Right and Left Half of Legion Paladin Class
      Combine the right and left sides together to create the Legion Paladin Class.

    • Badges for your characterpage
      “Real Life Paladin Armor” & “Real Life Legion Armor”




    The Paladin and Legion Armor T-Shirts

    This shirt is sorta…. freaking amazing. Modeled after Artix’s Paladin and Dage's armors, the art is wrapped all over the shirt giving it the appearance of armor.  The shirts are made using white 10% spun polyester  Vapor brand T-shirts, which are produced specifically for the sublimation dye process.  This sublimation produces vibrant super-soft, permanent prints guaranteed to never crack, peel or flake. NOTE! No cape needed... look at the pictures, we built the cape right into the back of it!


    Because of the handmade sublimation process these shirts *WILL* have imperfections including large white on the seams. There is nothing that can be done about this other than to love your shirt because these variations make it unique and special just like you. See the video Artix posted on his Facebook account!

    Why is it so expensive?

    Short answer: "They are really expensive to make." This is due to the sublimation process which allows the shirts to have that full wrap-around image. If you have seen the similar Marvel Superhero wrap-around shirts in stores, they are priced around $35. Considering they are a much larger company who can produce them for far less than us (because of how crazy huge their production order is) we did good at keeping our price pretty close. That is also why Dage created such killer items to go with them.

    Things to do with your Armor T-Shirts

    The uses of this armor shirt for vine videos, Facebook posts, and live-action recreation of game moments are as countless as your imagination. In real life, the shirt looks surprisingly like armor at a quick glance, and especially from a distance. Here are a few ideas to get you started….

  • Re-do the classic “Clark Kent opening his shirt to reveal he is Superman moment” scene with the Paladin Armor T-shirt under your regular shirt.
  • Make a vine of someone pretending to punch you and hurting their hand
  • Take photos posed exactly like the characters from the games.
  • Make a video of you casting Paladin spells in everyday life… find a friend to add some special effects on the videos.
  • Start a real life order of Paladins and battle the undead (Undead minions summoned separately.)
  • Re-enact the classic “Batman vs Superman moment”  with the Legion vs Paladin Armor. 
  • Make a vine of skulls flowing out of the skull that is now your chest.
  • Take photos of yourself terrifying little bunnies. (Make sure no bunnies will be harmed in these photos)
  • Make a video of others melting in fear at the sight of you.
  • Raise an army of undead and challenge the order of Paladins in real life.

    Get both shirts to combine and create the "Legion Paladin Class" in AQWorlds


    The Paladin Armor T-Shirt


    The Legion Armor T-Shirt