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Chaos Queen Beleen Print
Chaos Queen Beleen Print
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Chaos Queen Beleen Print

Regular price $ 9.95

8.5" X 11" Limited Print created by Nulgath

Embrace the Chaos Muaahahaha.! It is pure chaos that what most have lost touch with. This is why it is given a bad name. It is feared by the Heroic archetype of the lore, maybe by adding PINK to it you will hear the cry of chaos once more and defy the laws of tradition! Also adding Nulgath's Art to any room gives you instant +5 cool points and +10 artistic influence (All artistic skills must be purchased separately)     CHAOS PINK ON! :D

AQW HeroMart Exclusive In-Game Items

Unique Armor
Chaos Queen's Beleen's Gear

(Never has pink been so chaotic and menacing, wear your armor with pride and serve your new Queen of Chaos!  ) 


(Chaos Queen Badge)
Badge for your character page.


 ( A new Badge for all the collectors out there! )


Art and In-Game Design by Nulgath

Nulgath the lead designer for Oversoul and long time artist for AdventureQuest Worlds brings his unique art to HeroMart. We appreciate him taking the time between waging wars and gathering minions to create this awesome art piece and the in-game Items!

Thank you Heroes!

Thank you for supporting our games, our team, and HeroMart. With your Chaos Queen Beleen Print purchase, not only will the look print look great, but you are helping fund all the games and their team members AND their families! Thank you so much for being so AWESOME!

Battle On!