Champion of Chaos: Drakath Print


$ 9.95 


8.5" X 11" Print created by Diozz

The True Champion of Chaos can wreak havoc not only to the land of the lore, but now your castle,dungeon.... or your room! "With this power no one is a match for you!

Drakath has granted you the use of his minion, who has the knowledge of the secret location where the Wind of Chaos sword is waiting for its new master. It includes the badge that shows that you are Drakath champion and is granted the control of his pet.


Exclusive In-Game Items  


AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Drakath Minion Badge
  • ChaoticSkelly Pet
  • "Quest Item" Wind of Chaos Sword


    • Drakath Wings


    Signed Copies!

    You may also purchase an autographed Champion of Chaos: Drakath Print by Diozz.

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