Battle for the Underworld Collector's Print


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Dage's Undead Legion
Battle for the Underworld

Battle for the Underworld.

Exclusive In-game Item details:

 Seraph of the Legion Cape

Exclusive Combo In-game Item details: 
Get Warpath to Apocalypse and Battle for the Underworld Collector's Prints to Unlock.

Soul Taker of Darkness

Print details:

Each print is hand-numbered as a part of the 250-piece edition. 20 additional Artist Proofs signed by Dage the Evil will randomly be added to the First Edition that gives a chance for a few lucky Rare Hunters to get their hands on them. 

  • Hand-numbered limited edition of 250
  • 12x18" Collector's print
  • An authorized, digital signature
  • Official First Edition Stamp
  • AE Embossed seal of authenticity 

Note: Artist Proofs are carefully approved by one of the Artix Entertainment artists and act as a guide to make sure that the result would be as close as possible to how the artist wanted the final art to turn out.

First Edition details:

  • 250 First Editions - 1/250 through 250/250
  • 20 Artist Proofs - AP 1/20 through AP 20/20
  • 20 HC (Hors d'Commerce) - HC 1/20 through HC 20/20 ( Artist Reserved )

Note: Artist Proofs will not exceed 10% of the total number of the edition

About the Artists:


Darkon or Darkondrago is a Thailand based self-taught illustrator / doodle-ist. He has been creating Artix Entertainment related art since he has discovered AQW in 2008, and after seeing the works of Dage and Laken, he was inspired to become an artist. When not sleeping, Darkon spends his time drawing evil characters or killing evil characters in video games.


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