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2018 Calendar "15 Year Anniversary"

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Includes exclusive in-game items for multiple games!
AdventureQuest 3D, AQWorlds, DragonFable, and the original AdventureQuest!
This year's calendar is packed with fifteen years worth of Artix Entertainment's history, each month features hand-drawn digitally painted artwork inspired by the most memorable moments from all of our games. As we went down the memory lane the one thing became very apparent, we could not have done it with you by our side!  To represent that eternal bond this years calendar includes ETERNAL CHONOMANCER armor for AdventureQuest 3D! It also includes the AdventureQuest Worlds class, Eternal chronomancer Class! Check out the screenshots below. Also this year the Ephoch Class will be getting its first artifact the eternal epoch orb in DragonFable. There is even an Eternal Chrono Daggers for AdventureQuest Classic!

BONUS!This year’s calendar includes exclusive items in multiple Artix Entertainment Games.
AQWorlds Class
AQ3D Armor
DragonFable Class
Contains the Epoch class, and Eternal Locket
(artifact Trinket for the Epoch class)
AdventureQuest Class
Thank you & Battle on!
We really hope you enjoy the 2018 Calendar. A neat trick that you can do with the previous year's calendar. Using an exacto knife or a pair of scissors, you can carefully cut out the pages and put your favorite art, or all of them art on  your wall as mini-posters. We do this here at the lab. Thank you for being a part of these 15 amazing years

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