13 Lords of Chaos Poster


$ 12.95 


A Poster of Epic Proportions (24” x 36” to be exact)

Every hero in AdventureQuest Worlds realizes the true power of Chaos. Five years ago, the Champion of Chaos Drakath shattered the forces of Good and Evil as he unleashed his 13 Lords of Chaos upon the world. The bravest and strongest of heroes banded together to take out each Chaos Lord one by one, and even experienced the unruly nature of Chaos firsthand when they became the 13th and final Lord of Chaos themselves.
But now that you have returned to normal (…at least we hope!), it’s time to show the real-world your triumphs in AdventureQuest Worlds! This massive and epic Poster showcases each diabolical Chaos Lord in 23” x 36” high-gloss glory, and will instantly become the center of attention with its chaotic awesomeness. 

Exclusive In-Game Items

Book of Lore: Chaos Lord Shop
In-game Items: Chaos Forge (house item, has shop with the following gear:
In-game Items: Quest to create power-ed up versions of each

In-game Items: All-Seeing Spirit Staff

In-game Items: In-Djinn-ious Blade

In-game Items: Chaorrupted Dragonlord's Sword

In-game Items:
Escherion's End

In-game Items:
One Eyed Claw

In-game Items:
Wolfwing's Last Paws

In-game Items:
Fallen King's Scythe

In-game Items: Manabranch Staff

In-game Items:
Temporal Triune Axe

In-game Items:
Kitsune Kitsune Katana

In-game Items:
Lion's Fang Blade

In-game Items: Tentacular Whip
In-game Items: Dragonlord Vath (Helm) (Look like Vath)
In-game Items: Dragonlord Vath (Sword)
In-game Items: Dragonlord Vath (Wings)
In-game Items: Corrupted Guardian Dragon Jr (pet)
In-game Items: Chaos Dragonslayer Sword Physical 
In-game Items: Chaos Dragonslayer Sword Energy

In-game Items: Chaosawa mecha  

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