Pre-Order FAQs

If you have a question or issue with how and what a pre-order is, we are here to help! If you do have an issue with pre-ordering, please read through our help and you can email us if you need additional help.

preans1What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is a order placed for an item that has not been released yet. It's like a trial run or a test - if enough pre-orders are made for a specific HeroMart item we are creating, then we can try and order more in the future for more customers!

preans2I placed a pre-order for the item I want. Now what?

Once your pre-order is placed, you will receive 3 confirmation emails – one from HeroMart for placing your pre-order, one from PayPal for making a payment, and another one from HeroMart that explains all about pre-order and if you have any questions! The pre-order is NOT SHIPPED until we actually have the pre-order item at our Underground Lab! Once we receive the pre-order item, process it, and hand it over to UPS or USPS to ship, you will then receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number. SO MANY EMAILS...but we want to make sure you are well informed!

preans3What payment methods do you offer for pre-orders?

We accept PayPal account and credit/debit card payments through PayPal for any HeroMart orders or pre-orders.

preans4How much will shipping cost for my pre-order?

Shipping costs will vary depending on what you pre-order and if you include other HeroMart items with your pre-order. HeroMart offers multiple shipping options through USPS (United States Postal Service) and UPS (United Postal Service.) Please visit our Shipping Help Section for more information.

preans5How long will it take for a pre-ordered item to be finished?

Different pre-order items will take different times to create/print. It usually takes anywhere from 1-4 business weeks, depending on the product. This does not include how long it will take for the pre-order items to ship to us. HeroMart or the Artix Entertainment Team will definitely be keeping you updated!

preans6Once a pre-order is ready to ship, how long do I have to wait for it to reach me?

Once you place your pre-order, this means the item will be saved for you once we receive it at the Underground Lab. Nothing is shipped until we receive the pre-order item, process your order (this can take 2-4 business days) and then it is ready for shipping! You will only receive a shipping confirmation email once your pre-ordered item is actually shipped which will include your USPS or UPS tracking number. Please visit our Shipping Help Section for more information.

preans7What if I order other HeroMart items with my pre-order?

We can only ship an order with multiple HeroMart items (for example, a pre-ordered shirt, a print and a poster) all together. This means you will not receive your other non pre-ordered items until your pre-ordered item arrives at the Underground Lab. HeroMart will pull aside any pre-ordered items for you to ship once we receive the pre-ordered item. We suggest placing your pre-order separate from other items if you want those items first.

preans8What if I never receive my pre-ordered item after it was released?

If the time has passed for how long it was supposed to take to receive your pre-order based on what shipping rate you paid for and where you are located, please email us so we can investigate your pre-order.

preans9What if I pay for a pre-order and I change my mind and want a refund?

We understand that you may change your mind and want a refund. We can refund you as long as we have not shipped you your pre-order yet. Please email us so we can look up your pre-order and assist you.

preans10Can I receive the in-game code via email after I place the pre-order?

All in-game codes that come with HeroMart items are mailed with your pre-order or normal HeroMart order. Usually in-game codes are printed on a card or printed inside the packaging of an item. For more information about in-game codes, please visit our Game Code Help Section.

preans11What if I didn't pre-order an item and now want to purchase it?

If you want the item we have on pre-order, we suggest pre-ordering it as we cannot guarantee we will receive more of that item once it is sold out. This is why we set up a pre-order – to find out how many people want a specific item so we can make sure to order enough and see if we can order more in the future!