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Darkon's Moon Cursed Stryche Beast - Collector's Print

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    AdventureQuest Worlds Chained Portal Cape

    Who knows where this portal leads to... I sure wouldn't want to go through!

    (Digital Reward) Details:
    Exclusive In-game rewards redeemable in AdventureQuest Worlds
    ● Chained Portal - Cape
    ● Darkon Moon Cursed Stryche Print - Badge

      AdventureQuest Worlds Badge Dorkon Moon Cursed Stryche Beast

        About the Artists:
        Darkon is a self-taught illustrator/doodle-ist. He has been creating Artix Entertainment inspired arts since he discovered AdventureQuest Worlds back in 2008, and after seeing the works of Dage and Laken, he was inspired to become an artist. When not sleeping, Darkon spends his time drawing evil characters, or killing evil characters in video games.

        Darkon Artist of Artix Entertainment

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