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BountyHunter Armor - Sublimated T-Shirt

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Bounty Hunter J6

"A code name for Robotic Assistance Apparatus Model J version 6.0"


Legacy of the Sublimated Armor:

Over the course of years that the person has been wearing the J6 helmet the body (or hardware as the AI calls it) has been taking serious damage. To patch up the mortal wounds the AI replaced the missing limbs with cybernetic parts, making J6's body a cyborg, by wearing this sublimated armor you continue the legacy of the Bounty Hunter.


(Digital Reward) Exclusive In-Game Items for multiple games!

Real Life BountyHunter

Character page badge and Real Life BountyHunter Title for AdventureQuest 3DJ6 Pistol Sword

J6 PISTOL SWORD & J6 DUAL BLASTBLADES epiclarge.png A powerful firearm from sporting a blade of green metal from J6's personal collection of weapons for AdventureQuest 3D

(Only Pirates can equip J6 Pistol Sword)

SUBLIMATED GUNSLINGER'S DRAGON GUN epiclarge.png in AdventureQuest Worlds

SUBLIMATED GUNSLINGER ARMOR epiclarge.png and character page badge in AdventureQuest Worlds


(Digital Reward) Exclusive Combo In-game Item details: 


UNLOCK "DragonSlaying Sword & DragonSlaying Gunslinger Armor epiclarge.png in AdventureQuest Worlds"
BY COLLECTING BOTH DraggonSlayer Amor & BiountyHunter Armor - Sublimated T-Shirt

DragonSlaying Gunslinger Sword epiclarge.png in AdventureQuest Worlds

(Only unlocks with a combo)

DragonSlaying Gunslinger Armor epiclarge.png in AdventureQuest Worlds

(Only unlocks with a combo)


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