Products include IN-GAME Items

What is a game item code?

Nearly all products purchased on HeroMart include codes that can be redeemed to unlock exclusive an in-game item! Some codes can even be used to unlock items in multiple games. Please see individual product descriptions for details. Please note, a game item code can only be obtained by purchasing the HeroMart product it comes with. You cannot purchase a code individually. We also do not allow codes to be shared, traded, sold or gifted. If you are found to have a code that is not yours, your accounts may be banned. We also do not remove a code from an account once it is redeemed.


Where can I find my code?

The code is physically printed and shipped in your order or already included inside the product.

  • T-shirts - Look for a tag found attached to the shirt
  • ArtBooks - Look on the front inside cover
  • CD - Look on the inside of the CD Cover
  • Other/Toys/Special - Look for a card included in your package.

How do I redeem my code?

You will either need to have an Artix account on Artix Entertainment's portal site to redeem your item(s) or an AQWorlds account depending on what your code card states. For example, most HeroMart items are obtained through your Artix Account, but some specific ones are through the AQWorlds site such as the AQWorlds Card Game and the limited run of Deady figures. Again, please check your code card for instructions.

  1. If you do not have an Artix Master Acount, create one and link it following the steps :
    1. Register a new Artix Account
    2. Link your Artix Entertainment game account(s) to your Artix Account.
    3. Enter your prize code to unlock a special collector's item for your game character.
  2. Once you have entered the prize code and selected which game account you wish to add it to, log into that game account. Your item will be in your inventory or in the Book of Lore (AdventureQuest Worlds)


Can I use a code more than once?

Yes, you can use the same code again, but only one time for each game.
For example, you can use the code from the ChickenCow teeshirt once for a DragonFable prize, and once for a AQW prize.


What if I have a problem with my code?

Please use the HeroMart contact page and send a message including your order number, item code, and a detailed description of what issue you are having.




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