BUNDLE! 2016 Calendar + Infinity Knight & Prints


$ 24.95 


BUNDLE! 2016 Calendar + Infinity Knight & Prints


This bundle is your last chance to get your hands on the 2016 AQW Infinity Knight Class and the DragonFables Archivist Class before they go rare. 

Included 2016 calendar and exclusive in-game rewards Dragons Collage Collector's Print and the Adventurer's Campfire Collector's Print with the 4 HeroPoints reward


Year of the Guardians Flip Calendar

2016 Calendar"Year of the Guardians"  Each month features hand-drawn iconic character art from your favorite games that Artix Entertainment has brought to you over the years.

Infinity Knight class come with two sets of armors  Chrono Infinity Knight Armor to represent our legacy and Infinity Knight Armor to represent the bright future! 



Dragons Collage Collector's Print.

12" x 18" Collector's Edition Print.

 You hatched a Dragon egg and raise it from baby to a full size element-breathing, world conquering Dragon! You ran out of pages on the calendar, but still want to display these magnificent creatures on your wall? Well you are in luck, we made you this breathtaking collage of your favorite dragons. Let their legacy live on beyond human boundaries of time.

Adventurer's Campfire Collector's Print.

18" x 12" Collector's Edition Print.

It is the iconic scene from the campaign. Created by Dage, Yergen & Xero it is a symbol of the successful new video game world we are building together. The characters in this campfire scene are significant, and through the game's storytelling you will soon meet them, and unravel the mysteries of their unique stories. The world of Lore— a magical land under attack by dragon lords, undead legions, monster kings, and ancient evils. You constantly  find yourself at the heart of wars between vampires and werewolves, airship pirates & portal ninjas, and dragons. Lots.. and lots... of dragons. Moments like this are far too few in between. Sit down and share a good story by the camp fire with your friends. 

Thank You for your support!

Thank you for yet another amazing year! Your support and motivation is what keeps the studio going. As you know, we are an indie video game studio, and we do not have any big corporations or investors lining our pockets. We are 100% funded by awesome players like YOU! Most people do not know we personally package and ship your boxes from right here in the game studio. You are as big a part of AE as Artix himself!


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