EpicDuel T-Shirt (Coming soon!)

Includes rare achievement in EpicDuel and exclusive armor for AQWorlds

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE:  While wearing the EpicDuel shirt you may feel a sudden urge for battle.  Please note the EpicDuel t-shirt will not withstand bullets, knifes, bazookas, robots, plasma, aliens, space lasers, or artillery rounds.

Epicduel T-Shirt

How curious... the EpicDuel T-shirt says, "EpicDuel!"

Help! This text is squished between a zoomed in photo of the EpicDuel T-shirt and the AQWorlds cyber armor that it unlocks! EpicDuel players are the PvP-masters of our online community. So be sure to be extra nice (and careful) to anyone wearing this shirt at conventions! Unless... of course... you are wearing one. Coming in the next week or so!

Cyber Hunter Armor

T-shirt unlocks AQworlds Cyber Hunter armor


This shirt includes a code that unlocks the rare 'Epic Threads' achievement in EpicDuel. The code also gives you an EpicDuel inspired 'Cyber Hunter' armor in AdventureQuest Worlds!