Gravelyn Deluxe Print (Armored)


$ 9.99 


8.5 x 11 Print

Embrace the Darkness! This 8.5 x 11 semi-gloss art print of Gravelyn, Empress of the ShadowScythe, will overshadow any other art it is near.  Purchasing both at once unlocks the Dark Empress Blade!


Exclusive In-Game Items 

AdventureQuest Worlds

  Armored Gravelyn:

  • Shadow of Sepulchure (Cape).

    Purchase BOTH special edition prints:

    • Shadow Wraith (Pet).
    • Shadow of Sepulchure (Cape).
    • BONUS Dark Empress Blade(Weapon).

    Signed Copies!

    You may also purchase an autographed Novel signed by the man responsible for the amazing artwork, Diozz. Get them while supplies last!

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