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The 12 Moglin Mischief Collection

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The 12 Moglin Mischief Collection

You get both 6 Epic and 6 Legendary Story Moglins!

Meet the Moglins

Moglins were born in the world of video games… but with your help, they escaped into the real world. They are born under a special moon and each has a unique power. and are as unique as the heroes they adventure with. Put a Moglin on your desk to cheer you on. They’ll keep you company while writing, drawing, coding, and gaming. Moglins love to watch your favorite shows with you...even when no one else will. You can keep the joy for yourself, or give a Moglin to someone you love.

Every In-game reward is included from both collections!

The 6 Epic Moglins Collection Includes

Get the collection of all six Epic Moglins Zilla, Nugget, Cupcake, Rez, Scurvy, and Scourge. The stories of these new, never before seen Moglins have yet to be told... if you ever wanted the bragging rights of "I had them before they were cool", this is your chance. 

The 6 Legendary Story Moglins Collection Includes

Get the collection of all six Legendary Moglins Twilly, Zorbak, Twig, Memet, Mort and Quibble which have appeared in many of our stories. These fan-favorite Moglins are at the heart of most memorable adventures. chance. 

(Digital Reward) And since you collect all 12 Moglins you get


 In-game Item details: 

UNLOCK MOGLOTRON SET epiclarge.png in AdventureQuest Worlds and MOGLOTRON TRAVEL FORM epiclarge.png in AdventureQuest3D"

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